Hannah Louise


I’m Hannah and welcome to my life!


I am:
the daughter of Zane & Annie;
the sister of Megan, Steve, Dave, Tim, James & Laura;
the fiancée of Dylan;
the sister-in-law of Adrian, Erika, Emma, Julia, Elle & Aiden;
the Auntie to Katherine, Elijah, Samson, Marli, Otis, Abigail & Benji.

I believe that the things I’ve discovered and been through in my life so far may be able to help someone. I definitely don’t know it all, nor will I ever claim to, but I do believe in sharing our stories in the hope that it might help even just one person.

I am a practical person who loves music, budgeting, cups of tea, binge watching TV shows and eating more snacks than I know I should. My life is a string of moments where God’s goodness and graciousness have been shown. I will always aim to see the best in people, to draw out the best in people and cheer others on in whatever capacity I can.

So here it goes… Sharing my life with you in the hopes that it might refresh your heart, challenge your thinking and leave you feeling better than when you arrived!

Han xo



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