30 Minus Nothing

I have a friend and her name is Mary-Anne, Merman, Miriam. Some of you may know her as well as I do, others may just know who she is and some of you wouldn’t know her if you ran into her!

Meeting Miriam changed my whole life.
I know, that sounds so dramatic, but here’s why…

Miriam had a huge influence on whether or not I got the job to work as her receptionist in July 2009. I was in the middle of Year 12 and I hated school. Looking back, I think I was just really lonely, but I dreaded going every day. One day the careers teacher came to me and said she’d had a call from the Practice Manager of a physio practice who was looking for a trainee receptionist. I jumped at the chance, had the interview (in my school uniform lol), did a trial day, and got the call to say I’d got the job! On my trial day I discovered that this beautiful blonde with a cute bob cut went to the school I did. We also found we had mutual friends and knew a lot of the same people (because of school). I feel like that may have given me the edge over the other girl who had a trial…maybe haha.

The next thing that Miriam did that has changed my life was start going to Gateway Church. When she first started attending, if “you do you, boo” was a saying then I would have said that to Miriam, but the joke’s on me because the way Miriam described church had me so intrigued that I ended up checking it out myself. Seven (or maybe eight) years later and I’m still here! I am sure that one day I would have found my way into a place like Gateway Church without Miriam, but I am grateful for the timing she went that gave me room to follow.

Work days then became a time for recapping what new thing we’d learned about who God was. They also became the times where we’d recap on this mystery boy, Craig! I don’t feel like Craig was gradually weaved into conversations, it was just all of a sudden, there he was. “Craig did this. Craig said that. Craig wore this…” Haha, it wasn’t quite like that, but his name was mentioned quite a lot in our little office. And I am 100% glad it was. The way in which Craig and Mim have always gone about their relationship has always been something I’ve admired. They adore each other but more importantly adore God and that is something I have seen from those early days back in our office and something I’ve taken into my own relationship.

Today is Miriam and Craig’s 5th wedding anniversary. I couldn’t be a prouder friend of the two of them if I tried. I know that I’m not the only one whose life is drastically different because of their influence, kindness, and love. As individuals they’re incredible, but as a team, they’re really something else (in the best kind of way).

Today is also Miriam’s 30th birthday… So, happy 30th birthday, Miriam. I know my life would be far different to now if it weren’t for you. I needed someone to follow and you were that person and I am so glad. You will forever be one my favourite people and know you will always have the place in my heart right next to where Nutella, choc-coated Tiny Teddies & Ribena sit. ♥

Han xo

2017, Where’d You Go?

Can you believe that 2017 is done and dusted!? It feels like it only just started and yet here we are, day one of 2018.

Does anyone else ever feel like the year has just been and gone and nothing much has changed since this same time last year or is that just me? Some days I wonder what the heck I did with the last 365 days so I thought I’d take a look at a few areas of my life and the things that happened in 2017 to share with you!


In January 2017, Dylan and I celebrated our 4th year of dating. I think this past year has probably held the most excitement and change for us. To start with, Dyl was pretty sick for a long time, probably longer than we’ve been together, but this year that changed and it has been awesome. There’s a lot more I could say on just that alone, but that can be a story for another time. What I will say is this, if you’re waiting for a miracle that you feel is never going to come and the waiting leaves you tired and worn out, hold on to hope. I’ve seen God change people’s worlds in a moment, and I’m believing this year will hold your miracle.

Another big thing is that WE BOUGHT A FREAKING BLOCK! #adultingThe best part about this is that it gives us a headstart into an already exciting 2018 (I’m going to do another post really soon on my goals for 2018 which will have a lot to do with this, so stay tuned!

The other big thing for us this year (other than our block) is that Dyl decided to start his own business! Business adventures are fun and daunting, and exciting and challenging all rolled into one and this is one thing I can’t wait to see flourish in 2018.


My family is big and crazy and ever growing and I love them! This year we welcomed my nephew Benji, my baby brother (he’s 25 so not really a baby) proposed to his beautiful girlfriend and MY BABY SISTER MOVED HOME!


There have been quite a few changes in my workplace this year, most of which have been exciting and others that have been challenging. At times this year, I have thought to myself “I am designed for this” but then there have also been times where I’ve wondered how in the world I’ve been given so much responsibility, haha. I get to work with so many incredible people and despite the challenges and change this year has held, the good has most certainly outweighed the bad.


Being involved with all that’s going on at our church is always a big part of my year. This year we (as a church) launched a second location and as part of the worship team, Dyl and I have been to Smithton semi-regularly. It’s been fun getting to know a whole new group of people and we had the added bonus of my brother and his family living down that way so we got to spend a bunch of time with them.


I have definitely been the most unmotivated for uni this year (currently writing this instead of working on an assignment, #yolo). It’s been a frustrating feeling, but I’ve liked it at the same time as it’s forced me to re-evaluate what I’m studying and why I’m studying it. I’ll be making some changes to that in the next few months which I’m really excited for.

If I’m really honest, and honesty is the best policy, I have probably felt the most uncomfortable in pretty much every area of my life this past year. I don’t think that’s been a bad thing either as it’s created room for growth and has challenged me to seek out the things that my heart is after.

I’m going into 2018 with a clarity in what I want my life to look like not just this next year coming but in 5 and 10 years time too. I know what I want friendships to feel like, what makes me excited, what I’m passionate about. I’m ready to embrace any change or challenge the year has but for now, happy new year to you. I hope that these next 12 months are filled with so much kindness and goodness.

I can’t wait to share my life with you as the year unfolds,
Han xo